Rosedale Construction



Rosedale frames are made from selected hardwoods. The structurally designed and engineered frame is strong, durable and guaranteed not to warp.

The frame outside back, arms and front edge are wrapped and padded with soft foam.

The majority of Rosedale frames are manufactured as separate components; for example the seats, backs and arms are individual units that are assembled after they are upholstered.


In Seat: Frame style determines the choice of either a drop-in coil construction or no sag spring construction – both provide even support and seating comfort.

The ‘drop in coil’ spring construction is reinforced with insulated wires and clips. Its uniform sturdy construction prevents dropping into corners and excessive cushion wear.

In Back: Sinuous no sag springs provide consistent shape retention and comfortable back support.


Rosedale’s luxurious seat cushions are filled with premium quality 1.9 lb. polyurethane foam cushion cores. The foam cores are then wrapped with soft polyester fiber to provide a smooth, even appearance and crown shape.


Back and arm cushions are filled with 100% hollow fill fibers. The soft hollow fill fibers resist matting and collapsing due to their low melt fibers and memory retention properties.

 Depending on the style, some backs and arms maybe designed with a 1.5 lb. foam core; wrapped with soft hollow fill fiber for a smooth appearance, shape retention and support.


Each hide is inspected and hand cut by experienced cutters that have been carefully trained by Rosedale. These skilled craftsmen ensure only the best parts of the hides are located on the most important parts of the furniture seats, front, back and arm cushions.


All stitching is done on lock stitch machines, using 17 twist 100% nylon thread that has been carefully colour matched to the leather. Rosedale’s skilled seamstresses take care to ensure that all seams are sewn neatly and straight.

Premium quality, dependable zippers, fasteners and linings are used through out the product.


Expert tailoring is the hallmark of Rosedale Seating’s product. All seams are straight and all padding even. Facings and nail head trim are applied with utmost care and attention to detail.

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